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Teacher's Guide - 2nd Grade (Printing Power) - Handwriting Without Tears Programme

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TPrinting Power Teacher’s Guide gives multisensory strategies and activities for implementing second grade handwriting instruction. You’ll receive the latest resources and strategies for teaching handwriting in the second grade classroom in only 15 minutes per day. With these tools, you'll have everything you need to help children master handwriting, build confidence, and write automatically without thinking about how to form their letters.


  • More opportunities for writing practice
  • New, streamlined lesson design
  • Embedded multimedia makes lesson planning easy
  • Simplified teaching guidelines
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • English Language Learners strategies and activities
  • Cross-curricular connections
  • School-to-home connections
  • Line generalization
  • Seamless and fluid instruction, including modeling, writing, and music

This is the teacher's guide for the second grade workbook, My Printing Power (HWT048)

Note: Please state on your order if you require the older Pre-2018 Edition.

Product Code HWT056
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