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The Grammar Processing Program

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The Grammar Processing Program is a set of picture-identification tasks designed to improve language comprehension and processing skills in children who have difficulty processing and/or learning grammatical skills, including those with attention deficit disorders, auditory processing disorders, autism, and cochlear implants.
The tasks in Level 1 of the Program are used to pre-teach nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, negative “not,” prepositions, and conjunctions. The tasks in Level 2 combine the concepts into longer, more complex sentences for concept drilling. The Grammar Processing Program uses Language Webs and the Altered Auditory Input (AAI) technique that are described in the popular, original Processing Programs.
The Grammar Processing Program targets seven grammatical areas:
  • Nouns (singular, plural, possessive)
  • Pronouns (subjective, possessive)
  • Verbs (present progressive, third person singular and plural, regular and irregular past tense, future tense)
  • Adjectives (size, color, spotted/striped, comparative, same/different, quantitative)
  • Negative (not)
  • Prepositions (in, on, over, under, beside, above, below, behind, in front of, on top of, off)
  • Conjunctions (and, but, while)
353 pages. Spiral bound, 8½" x 11".
Product Code GRA014
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