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There's a Gorilla in my Classroom

by SMA002
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Student resistance is a normal behaviour that occurs in every classroom, but there is a direct relationship between time spent  resisting school work and achievement, resistant behaviours decrease performance. The ‘problem’ with resistance is that it is not always easily identifiable, it can be as simple as a student knocking a pencil off their desk or it can  be as complex as physical violence. It can be observed everyday in every  classroom. 

Some resistance is useful, students must learn how to be strategic, resourceful, independent and smart, no one wants to completely prevent student resistance, but rather, help students make informed choices about their learning. 
Students are naturally curious about  themselves, and the basis of this resource is to get students asking questions about their learning behaviour.
Examples of the cards: 
I use my strengths - I am determined-  I dominate - I hate difficult work - I daydream - I am creative - I tell stories  - I laugh - I make wise-cracks - I concentrate – I fight - and many  more
Includes cards and comprehensive instruction booklet (includes games and activities).

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