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Thinking Toys Icky Yucky Fidget Box

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This box is full of lovely yucky stuff.
If your child is a sensory seeker and loves splashing in mud and seeking dirty
types of play, then they will love this box.

If your child is a sensory avoider then approach using this box very slowly,
allowing your child time to look and take it at their pace.
If they are very reluctant to touch any of the items then offer a set of plastic
gloves as a starting point.

This box has been graded so that ...
1. There are items that give a cold sticky feel but leave nothing on
the fingers. These items are open and not in a container so they are
easily identifiable.
2. There are items that will leave some residue on the fingers.
3. Finally there are items that are very wet and sticky.

When the child is using this box they should be supervised at all times,
especially those that are sensory seekers.
Suitable for 6+ years

Contents May Vary

This product is not a toy and should always be used under adult supervision.

Product Code THI018
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