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Thinking Toys Tactile Balls Box

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The Thinking Toys Tactile Balls box is a set of 14 tactile balls with very different textures in a sturdy container. 

The Thinking Toys Tactile Balls box includes 4 puffer stress balls that are a very popular product.

The Tactile Balls box set includes:

1x Weighted Sand Ball 680gram

1x Soft Hand Strengthening Ball

1x Easy Grip Ball with Rounded Bumpy Surface

1x Reflex Ball with a Spiky Surface

3x Rubbabu Balls with 3 Different surfaces

1x Grab'n'Ball

1x Squidgy Ball

4x Puffer Stress Balls

The Thinking Toys Tactile Balls box is suitable for ages 5+ Years.

This product is not a toy and should always be used under adult supervision.

Product Code THI021
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Tactile Balls Box

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