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Turn Your School Round

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A supportive and helpful guide to initiating a welcoming school policy based on positive self-esteem and positive behaviour.

This guide aims to aid the building of a foundation of positive self-esteem, emotional literacy and positive relationships between all members within the school community.

It aims to create an atmosphere within the School that contains :

  • Committed staff who feel part of a valued and effective team.
  • Pupils with good self-esteem who rise to the challenge of learning experiences.
  • The ending of all types of bullying and negative aggressive behaviour.
  • Provides effective strategies for dealing with difficult pupils.
  • Happier, friendlier lunchtimes run by respected lunchtime supervisors.

Outlined in the book, is a Circle Time approach, which is used to initiate these policies. Through regular use of this unique method, both adults and children are involved in the development, implementation and continuous review of the polices.

This books contains :

  • The rationale behind the Circle Time approach and its benefits.
  • The steps needed to work towards a whole school behaviour policy.
  • Circle Time sessions for teachers, pupils, support staff, lunchtime supervisors and parents.
  • Photocopiable materials.

Turn Your School Round will equip all members of your school with the tools to become more confident, positive and successful members of their community.

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