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Weighted Vest - Small 1.4 kgs

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Velvety soft and comfortable to wear, this therapy aid promotes awareness of body position without immobilizing the user.

Weight packs are inserted below wearer’s center of gravity in concealed pockets at front and/or rear of vest to provide deep pressure and a calming sense of body stability.

Vest slips over head easily and closes at sides with touch fasteners.

Machine washable with weights removed.

Vest fabric and material: PU foam covered with 100% Polyester

Waist 76 cm , length 38-51 cm (adjustable)

colour Blue

1.4 kg

Use under adult supervision. 

These vests should ONLY be used after consulting with your Physician and/or your therapist.and should only be worn while under adult supervision.

Product Code WEI115
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