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Working with Pragmatics

by TAY900
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Covers the principles and practice of pragmatics and how to plan effective management programmes. Also details therapy suggestions.

This photocopiable title covers the principles and practice of pragmatics. It offers an opportunity to explore this subject with confidence and to plan intervention programmes for effective management.

Pragmatics refers to the social language skills we use in our daily interactions with others. They include what we say, how we say it, our body language and whether it is appropriate to the given situation. Pragmatic skills are vital for communicating our personal thoughts, ideas and feelings.


  • Introduction to pragmatics
  • Theoretical approaches to pragmatics
  • Pragmatic development
  • Pragmatic dysfunction
  • Introduction to the assessment of pragmatics
  • Informal assessment
  • Principles of intervention
  • Basic intervention and training
  • Facilitation and teaching
  • Specific client groups and specific pragmatics difficulties.

A welcome addition to the materials available to professionals planning therapy and teaching programmes using this approach.

Includes a photocopiable client-centred assessment form, photocopiable child and client information sheets and a list of characteristics of pragmatic dysfunction.

All Ages

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