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by LEA001
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Catch a worm and practise the pencil grip with this fun, wriggly game that introduces other early learning skills including colour identification, sorting, and counting.

  • Children use the specially designed Tri-Grip Tong to pull worms from the foam activity board.
  • Tongs have indents to intuitively guide a child’s hand into the finger placements, to get used to the feeling of holding a pencil.
  • These worms are stretchy and catching them isn’t easy! By using the tong to pull worms, children build hand strength, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set is packed with 5-in-1 preschool learning fun. With the included spinner and activity cards, kids can turn learning into a game as they master colour identification, sorting, critical thinking, and early math skills.
  • Tongs measure 12cm H x 4cm in diameter. Game box measures approx. 25cm L x 25 cm W.
  • Features multilingual Activity Guide.
Product Code WRI019
Fine Motor Skills Pincer Grip