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Long Loop Scissors 75mm Pointed Blade - Right Handed

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Our Long Loop Scissors have been designed with an extended loop to give increased strength and control over the cutting action.  Place the index finger outside the loop to provide guidance and control. The middle, ring and little fingers are inserted through the loop to provide the strength for the cutting action.  Scissors assists children with poor motor control, including those with Dyspraxia and similar conditions. 

·         Long loop handle

·         Provides superb control of cutting action using middle, ring and little finger for strength whilst index finger is used for guidance

·         Wide finger contact area

·         Ensures a comfortable grip which can be maintained throughout use

·         Colour coded handles

Easily identify correct pair to use: 
Blue handles = Right Hand 
Green handles = Left Hand
Red handles = Mini (two-thirds of size of standard and possible to use in either hand by most children)

·         High quality stainless steel blade

·         Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease

Product Code PET020
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