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Puttycise® Theraputty® tool - Knob Turn

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The knob turn is meant to simulate opening a door, tightening a jar, pushing a lid onto a container, tightening a valve, holding a glass of water, and opening makeup containers.

Can teach using a "C" grip to avoid ulnar stress to MP joints/or using pressure proximal to the thumb IP joint with grip to decrease loading to the CMC joint.

Exercise Descriptions:

Standard Grip: Functional grip exercise. Helps to strengthen digit fl exors, increase radial and ulnar wrist ROM, and simulates a natural function for improved digit coordination.

“C” Grip: Joint protection technique exercise. Teaches the use of larger joints and muscle groups when performing functional activity. Also promotes digit fl exion with wrist fl exion and extension.

Intrinsic Turn: With digits in an intrinsic plus position, use digit tips to produce a turn in either direction. This strengthens the intrinsic muscles of the hand frequently affected with median and ulnar nerve pathologies.

FPL Turn: Emphasize thumb tip to produce turning motion. This helps to promote FPL tendon glide and thenar IP joint ROM.

FDP/FDS Grip: Emphasize bending DIP and PIP joints when holding onto knob. This helps to promote FDP and FDS tendon glide, IP joint ROM, and EDC claw positioning.

Weight Bearing Push: Use palm to push knob into putty. This can be helpful with increasing wrist extension, providing a gradable weight bearing exercise, and providing desensitization to a sensitive palmar scar.

Made of durable plastic

Leaflet included.

3 x 3 x 3.5 inches

Theraputty® is available separately here

Use under adult supervision

Product Code PUT006
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