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Sensory Skate Board - Rotating

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This medium-sized Wooden Sensory Skateboard is recommended especially for the treatment of dyspraxia and for stimulating the vestibular system.

The skateboard is cushioned in order to ensure a safe and pleasant therapy session. All edges have been smoothened out to lessen the risk of collision with walls etc.

Every skateboard  also has eyelet to which a rope can be attached in order to increase the amounts of exercises that can be done.

The skateboard is also used to simultaneously develop and correct bilateral motor co-ordination and strong stimulation of linear movement receptors of the vestibular system.  


·         Cushioned seating, ensuring safety and comfort.

·         Smoothened out edges to insure further safety.

 Size: 50 x 50 cm

Age: from 3 years+

Material: Wood and upholstery

Weight: maximum load 90 kgs

Assembly: Assembly required

Product Code SEN098
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