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Teaching Students with ADHD

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This comprehensive 100-page photocopiable book provides support materials for teachers working with students who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It takes an inclusive approach and is based on the belief that all students are equal members of the school community and that schools have a responsibility to enhance the learning opportunities of all students, including those with special educational needs. The book is divided into ten sections that support work in the areas of attention and learning; organisation; impulsive behaviour, and social behaviour. Each section is prefaced by comprehensive teacher notes, practical ideas, tips and implementation steps, and a broad range of useful templates and activities that teachers can tailor to their own circumstances.

Table of Contents:

1. The Classroom Environment
Classroom Layout Plan
Classroom Layout Checklist

2. Completing Tasks
Sprint Sheet
On-task Self-monitoring Chart
Ribbon and Voucher
Phonics Chart
Personal Dictionary
Studdy Buddy System
Work Completion Checklist
Good Day's Work Sheet

3. Presenting Information
Model Work Sheets
Sample Lesson Outline
Learning Overview
Activity Ideas
Cooperative Learning Ideas
Role Cards
Peer- and Cross-age Tutoring Ideas

4. Teacher-Directed Teaching and Instructions
Instruction Comic Strip
Instruction Flash Cards

5. Organisation
Visual Timetable
Visual Timetable Pictures
List of Daily Supplies
Book Labels
Perpetual Calendar
Due Date Pictures
Routine Chart and Transition Red Card
Outstanding Organisation and Trophy of Tidiness
Picture Labels

6. Teacher Relationship
Teacher Interaction Tokens
Hassle Log
Self-esteem Ideas

7. Parent Relationship
Individual Behaviour Plan
Individual Education Plan
Evaluation of Individual Behaviour Plan
Home/School Comments
Progress Reports and Positive Notes

8. Managing Behaviour
Behaviour Chart
Analysis of Antecedents and Consequences (ABC Chart)
Event Record
Goal Menu and Incentive Menu
Short-term Token Economy Contract
Results Graph for Week Ending
Response Cost Contract
Self-monitoring Rating Scale
Time Out System and Name Badge

9. Peer Relationships
Lessons to Support Respecting Individual Differences
Circle of Friends
Social Behaviour Goals
Guided Playground Observation
Playground Plan

10. Teacher Intervention Plan

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