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An association game for learning to connect different trades with the uniforms and tools of each trade.

The educational aspect of this material is based on LOGICAL ASSOCIATION.

The people represented in the photographs can be clearly distinguished between each other by both their clothing and the objects they are holding.

It is an excellent medium for LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT, INCREASING VOCABULARY and the use of VERBS corresponding to the actions represented in the photographs.


- Expanding knowledge of different trades.

- Improving the ability to identify, discriminate and classify.

- Development of a capacity for observation, whether of the objects themselves or their characteristics and functions.

- Learning to form suppositions and explanations for possible relationships between objects.

- Improving psychomotor coordination by handling the cards and putting them together correctly.

- Incorporation and development of basic vocabulary.  

CONTENTS The game consists of 60 cards: 12 trade cards + 48 cards associated with the trades (4 cards per trade).

Suitable for ages 3 onwards. 


- Up to 12 CHILDREN can play.

- With a SELF-CORRECTING system on the reverse side.

This allows the child to freely handle the cards and self-correct to see if he/she has completed the task properly. We recommend familiarising the students with each of the pictures on the cards, and subsequently helping them to make associations and groupings by way of example.

(1) The trade-cards (the rectangular cards showing people representing different trades) should be handed out among the students (one or more trade-cards per student), and the square cards should be left face-up in the middle of the table.

(2) Based on the trade-cards, the child needs to identify and group the 4 square cards showing pictures of the tools that correspond to that trade.- Groupings can be done in two ways: o If the trade-cards are showing a vertical picture: two square cards are placed on each side, one above the other, as shown in the product’s folder. o If the trade-cards are showing a horizontal picture: two square cards are placed at the top of the trade-card, one beside the other, and two at the bottom, one beside the other.

(3) Turn the cards over to check on the back if the association has been made correctly. If all the figures that appear on the back of the 5 cards match, then it is correct. - To make the game easier, the cards can be separated into different groups according to the background colour of the photos: pink, blue, yellow and green. In this way you can divide the students into groups to work at different tables in the classroom. (Take care when separating the cards by background colour: some cards have kept the real background of the photo to provide greater realism).  

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