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Cleverstix - Right Handed use

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The special ergonomic ‘No Spring-Back’ design of the award-winning CleverstiX demands control of opening and closing, acutely developing concentration and fine motor skills to assist handwriting, hand/eye co-ordination and dexterity – including subsequent use of other cutlery (fork, spoon, etc)

Children instinctively like to use their fingers and with dedicated rings CleverstiX simply act as an extension of them – therefore kids find them incredibly comfortable to use! At the same time they learn to savor and digest food at a healthy pace.

CleverstiX are approved of by leading Pediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) and are especially recommended for children with Dyspraxia/DCD and some forms of Autism/ASD. 

Finger ring size diameter: 1.5cm

Thumb ring size diameter: 1.8cm (widest point), 1.5cm (narrowest point)

Age: 3 years +

Product Code CLE002
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